torsdag 12 juni 2014

Review Metal Hammer Italy

A new review of Madness of the Night´s album The Asgarda can be found at Metal Hammer Italy.

"We are dealing with something that you do not hear from anyone even years and have never had the pleasure and good fortune to listen to. The Madness of the Night give us this chance .. I, I were you, I'd give him a chance .."

måndag 17 mars 2014

Interview: Metal-Rules

A very long interview with Daniel Dante at Metal-Rules by Anders Sandvall.


Review: Metal-News (4,5/7)

"Thus fans of danceable , something rocking and catchy darkwave a la Sisters of Mercy's "Temple Of Love" itself may feel very at home here .
Oriental singing melodies with lyrics that are held partly in English and partly in the mother tongue of the singer with the somewhat clischeehaften stage name Abir Black Shadow , apply to fast Gothrockriffs [ a bit like Paradise Lost to their " poppigsten " Times ] and a lot of gloomy synths."